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Sunny day, sunny day, daddy.

This is my favorite saying that daughter made up. She also made up “Rainy day, rainy day, Matevž”.

When I’m out with my camera on a sunny day, I often hear the comment “Oh, it’s good to be shooting today, isn’t it?”.

In fact, when there is too much sun I don’t actually shoot. I just go to check out compositions.

For classic landscapes what you really want is good elements in the frame and of course great light. Not just a lot of blue skies.  Checking out compositions at different times of the day gives me an idea of what I want to put in and out in the frame. In Bohinj, great light can come at anytime, even after the rain.

Being in the right place at the right time will get you a good shot (or two), but knowing where and when the right place is going to be is the “secret” of getting a lot more better photos.

Apsara also has another saying – “Snowy day, snowy day, mummy”. But that’s for another blog post.

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Go big or Go Home

When I started out in photography I was always impressed with photographers with big cameras and even bigger lenses.

Today, I am no longer impressed, but I do have more big “professional” equipment than I can carry.

With the maturity of  mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC) systems it is easy to see why they are becoming more and more popular.

The size and weight differences are clearly obvious. And the image quality from cameras such as the NIkon 1 system are now so good that unless I really need the extra details from the larger sensor sized cameras, mirrorless ILCs are what I take with me.

For travels with the family, mirrorless ILCs are perfect for both stills as well as video.

“Go Big or Go Home” maybe great for pumping iron in the gym but if you want to have some fun with your photography, then it’s gotta be “Go small and be happy”. Your back and neck will certainly thank you for it.

_D8C8346Left: Nikon V1, 10mm, 18.5mm, 6.7-13mm, 11-27mm, 30-110mm, 4T closeup attachment, remote release
Right: 24-70mm

_C000852_1 Enjoy your holidays. And don’t forget your passport!


Nikon V1 with 18.5mmDSC_4464Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

More photos from Cambodia here

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Messi, Photshop and Home

What do these things have in common?

The theme of Nikon’s 2014 photographer of the year is Home and I am working on my entry.

The thing about photography is that some people insist that it should be real. To me it is anything but real. A photo for me is a creation of my mind, just as a painting is a creation of a painter’s mind.

Here are two images (of 5) for my entry. The first is NOT photoshopped at all but it was completely staged. I had recorded the goal by Messi and put it on pause. I then got everyone to dress and be in a position of what we do at “home” on a typical evening. I then acted is if I am watching the game live and pressed the camera’s remote release as if the goal was scored.

Messi's goal

In the second photo however, it is Phoshopped. Dozens of images were taken, of which I used three to make a composite image.


Whether a photo is staged or Photoshopped, Nikon is not going to care and neither should the viewer. Unless of course you are presenting a photo as evidence in a court case.

When presented as a form of Art, the only thing that should ever matter in a photograph is whether or not you like it.



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Timing, good light and a small camera

For the past few years  I have only taken a small camera – Nikon V1, on holidays.

Our family one-week summer getaway this year was to the island of Murter, Croatia which is about 5 1/2 hours drive from Bohinj.

But this is not about our holiday but to point out some things which make and break good/great photos.

As we all know, the most important thing in a good photo is the quality of light. However, closely related to this is timing. You can have great light but if your timing is wrong then the final result can be really disappointing.

In the first photo you can see that everything is pretty decent. (click to get full screen)


A few moments later not only was the light gone, but you can see that the water is all chopped up from the waves that were made from a passing boat. Not the one in the shot but another one but you can see the point.


To salvage the situation, I waited for the waves to be calm again and even though the light was gone I re-did the composition.


And lastly, a shot showing that the Nikon V1 can make plenty decent photos.


So, good light, good timing and good composition is what’s needed. Even a small camera will get the job done.

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Lake Bled

Early summer sunrises are crazy. You must get up at 4 o’clock to catch the sunrise at 5.30. But such mornings are something to remember. Today I went to Hotunski vrh on Pokljuka plateau. Hotunski vrh is great viewpoint from where you can see lake Bled and Gorenjska region in a special way. Enjoy.


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Flower power (part 2)

Another good workshop in a beautiful environment. It was all about flowers and how to shoot them in a best way. And we also had a help from Tanja (biologist) for flower recognition. Andy was helping with some additional photo tips. It’s always great to work as a team. And Bohinj is a paradise in every way!










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Flower Power (part 1)

On Saturday (7 June), Aleš and Triglav National Park co-worker Tajna Menegalija ran a workshop in Ukanc, a most beautiful part of Bohinj. Ukanc is located at the western end of Lake Bohinj and lies inside the central zone of the Park.

Aleš provided photography tips whilst Tanja – a biologist, gave a guiding tour of the flora found in the area.

It was such a perfect day with the only thing missing was for more attendees.

Stay tuned for Aleš’s photos of the day.

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After a number of delays and set backs The Light in Bohinj photo tours was launched on 25th of May with plentiful beer, yummy čevapčiči, a number of top Slovenian photographers and friends.

It took the team well over a year of planning but it all came good on this one special sunny day.

And as a bonus the day was made even more special with the arrival of two old friends of Andy from Melbourne (Lupčo and Rosemary).

We would like to thank all that came to launch the event and a special mention to Jure Sodja who generously funded the cost of the exhibition prints, and Blaž Zdešar for hosting the site on his server.

Those that would like to see the entire exhibition are warmly invited to come to the Festival Kanal night concerts in July/August.


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