Day trips from Bohinj and back

One of the best things about living in Bohinj (or just about anywhere in Slovenia) is that everything is close enough to do as day trips. Whether it’s skiing in Austria or shopping in Italy you can have a great day out and be back in time for dinner.

Although Bohinj has an endless amount of hiking trails some are a bit too long when you have young kids who can manage only an hour or two.

A great day trip to the north west of Slovenia is the Vrsič pass. From here there are kids-friendly trails with spectacular views.


Head over and down the pass, and you are into the Trenta valley where the Soča river and its source are nearby.



After lunch you can discover more of the delights of the Soča river before heading back up to the Vrsič pass and be back in Bohinj for a swim in the Lake. Or just relax by that tree which has been immortalized by Tomo Jeseničnik.