Messi, Photshop and Home

What do these things have in common?

The theme of Nikon’s 2014 photographer of the year is Home and I am working on my entry.

The thing about photography is that some people insist that it should be real. To me it is anything but real. A photo for me is a creation of my mind, just as a painting is a creation of a painter’s mind.

Here are two images (of 5) for my entry. The first is NOT photoshopped at all but it was completely staged. I had recorded the goal by Messi and put it on pause. I then got everyone to dress and be in a position of what we do at “home” on a typical evening. I then acted is if I am watching the game live and pressed the camera’s remote release as if the goal was scored.

Messi's goal

In the second photo however, it is Phoshopped. Dozens of images were taken, of which I used three to make a composite image.


Whether a photo is staged or Photoshopped, Nikon is not going to care and neither should the viewer. Unless of course you are presenting a photo as evidence in a court case.

When presented as a form of Art, the only thing that should ever matter in a photograph is whether or not you like it.