Bohinj from above

photo – Matevž Lenarčič

The Light in Bohinj (TLiB) tours are exclusively run in Bohinj, which is a region in the north west of Slovenia.

Bohinj is made up of two valleys and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. There are thick forests, numerous traditional small villages and countless ancient gorges which all flow into pristine Lake Bohinj.

We mainly use and suggest DSLR cameras on our tours but you are welcomed to use compacts, mirrorless and even film cameras.

Photography is Bohinj is special because of the light that is created here. Lake Bohinj is possibly the only lake in the Alps that run East to West, surrounded by mountains. And as the entry and exit points to flowing air is through two valleys the light that is created is special and unique.

But Bohinj is much more than a photo opportunity. It has a rich culture dating back to around 2500BC. Today, it has kept up with the rest of the world in terms of technology and life style, but the “old ways” continue to strive. Farmers cutting grass by hand or fields being plowed with horses can still be seen. It’s not that we have no other means but it is a way of life.

And you might be pleasantly surprised that when your photo tour finishes that your stay is well extended.






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• Insurance in case of required medical attention
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