ali in Slovenian means little or small but it is used in a nice way.

We start the tour at house 13 in the village of Studor. Rustic-house13 is more than 200 years old which was completely renovated in 2008. And the village of Studor is generally considered to be one of the oldest in Slovenia and is protected under the Cultural Heritage Act. Here we have a brief explanation on photography principles and start with a quick tour of the village including the Oplen museum.

Heading out of Studor, we point out great vantage points from Mt Studor (1002m) and take in superb views of Rudnica and the ski stations of Kobla and Soriška Planina.

We stop for more panoramic views from the church of St Martin and head down to the very rarely visited Ribnica gorge. Here we discuss the techniques that are most popular when shooting rivers and streams, gorges and water over rocks (covered with lush-green moss).

We then go through the picturesque village of Srednja Vas and through to the open fields beneath our local ski station of Senožeta.

On our way back towards Studor, we stop to discuss classic landscape techniques using two of the best local favorites as the foreground and background.

The highlight of the tour is perhaps in photographing the best well-known Slovenian icon – the mighty double hayrack. These majestic structures are well over 100 years old but have been, and still are in use today.


We finish the tour with a portrait session back at house 13, and over a cup of coffee or tea we discuss at leisure any other topics of interest.

This introductory photo tour is in co-operation with, and sponsored by the Bohinj Hiking Festival and as such we are able to offer our services at a complementary price.

Our hope and wish is for you to see the incredible potential of Bohinj as a top destination for the photographer, and through this “little” gem of a tour we believe that you will. Please come and experience Mali Bohinj!

Tour Notes
The choice is yours. However, we would recommend a DSLR or a digital camera which has Aperture (A) and Manual (M) modes. Below are suggested accessories only. They are not crucial for the tour.

• Wide angled lens (18mm or wider), fast fixed/prime lens (50mm f1.8) or 105mm f2.8

• Circular Polarizer

At this time of the year the temperatures are mild. However, it can be cold in the mornings and we suggest you bring the following sets of clothing and personal accessories:

• Light rainproof jacket, moisture-wicking clothes, quality hiking boots

• Small umbrella (also very useful as a photographic aid)

• Water bottle, sunglasses, hat

Although we don’t hike up any real mountains, the tour does involve some walking/hiking. All participants are required to have a fair to good level of fitness.


Oct 11th
€15 per person
Group size: Min 6
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Tour summary

When          :   11 October 2014
Where         :   Studor 13 – Bohinj
Start            :   10:00
Finish          :   13:00
Cost             :  15€
Guides         :  Aleš and Andy
Languages   :  Slovene and English

The tour will take the following route:

Studor 13 -> St Martin -> Ribnica gorge -> Srednja Vas -> Senožeta -> Studor kozolec -> Studor 13

Topics include:

– Understanding exposure, composition, light
– Equipment selection
– Scouting locations
– Long exposures
– Depth of field
– Background blur (bokeh)
– Post processing