There are 13 churches in Bohinj and just about every village has one. Some churches, however, were actually built away from a village. For example, Studor’s church is located some 5km from the village.

The story goes that there was a very long drought and that the people had suffered greatly. The people said to God that if the drought was ever broken they would build a church far away enough from Studor and that Bohinjci (locals) were required to make a pilgrimage to the church as a sign of their gratitude.

Whilst the church is a important and integral part of 80% of Slovenians, villagers get on with their lives in many different ways. And everything is linked to the seasons. From chasing away the winter blues in March, cutting grass to make hay in June, harvesting potatoes in September and blessing of the horses in December, Bohinj is full of activities and local customs.