Best photography tours – Julian Alps and Triglav National Park – part 1

There are a lot of spectecular places on the Planet Earth that are also great for landscape photography. But I doubt that there are many places on Earth that are so easily accessible, so remarkably beautiful and have so many opportunities to do amazing landscape photography as Julian Alps and Triglav National Park in Slovenia.

20150319-IMG_6200Hayracks and Špik mountain group, Julian Alps, Slovenia

From Ljubljana Airpot is less than one hour drive to the nereast valleys, high plateus and peaks of Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. Most beautiful parts of the area are all accessible with a car and short walks.

20150319-IMG_6212Koritnica valley under mount Mangart

Julian Alps and Triglav National Park can be visited in all four seasons. The area is divided in two parts that have dramatically different characters. The south part of Julian Alps and Triglav National Park lies close to the Adriatic see and has more pleasant wheather but also more narrow valleys and wild mountains. The area is best known by emerald river Soča.



Cultural landscape of the area reflects the simplicity of lives that people live in remote parts of Julian Alps.

20150319-20150319-IMG_6487 copy

When you’ll get close to the mountains you’ll be protected by the face of the girl called “Ajdovska deklica”.


In just one day you’ll capture landscape photos of a lifetime and experience so many things that you’ll want to stay in the area of Julian Alps and Triglav National park for a week. And than your journey will begin. An unfforgetable jouney.



Stay tuned for part 2.

Go big or Go Home

When I started out in photography I was always impressed with photographers with big cameras and even bigger lenses.

Today, I am no longer impressed, but I do have more big “professional” equipment than I can carry.

With the maturity of  mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC) systems it is easy to see why they are becoming more and more popular.

The size and weight differences are clearly obvious. And the image quality from cameras such as the NIkon 1 system are now so good that unless I really need the extra details from the larger sensor sized cameras, mirrorless ILCs are what I take with me.

For travels with the family, mirrorless ILCs are perfect for both stills as well as video.

“Go Big or Go Home” maybe great for pumping iron in the gym but if you want to have some fun with your photography, then it’s gotta be “Go small and be happy”. Your back and neck will certainly thank you for it.

_D8C8346Left: Nikon V1, 10mm, 18.5mm, 6.7-13mm, 11-27mm, 30-110mm, 4T closeup attachment, remote release
Right: 24-70mm

_C000852_1 Enjoy your holidays. And don’t forget your passport!


Nikon V1 with 18.5mmDSC_4464Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

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