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Teaching an old dog new tricks

Aleš and I ran a short photo tour called Mali Bohinj on the 11th of October with a group of 13.

It was a beautiful warm autumn day and it was supposed to be a small loop around the village of Studor. However, we made a side trip to Lake Bohinj as there was not enough water in the Ribnica gorge.

At one of the spots for an exercise I explained how the shot should be done. Having shot the Lake for so long I had thought that I knew all there was to know.

Mitja Sodja who is a friend and professional photographer came along for the tour and made some shots that made me realize that there are always new ways to see and photograph the Lake.

So, it’s not at all true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. He can even learn in his own “backyard”.

And thanks to all who came along. We hope to see you again next time.

Photos by Mitja:photo_tour_mali_bohinj_2014_08




Photos by Andy:_DSC9753





Photos by Aleš:IMG_0844







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Aleš made such a difficult challenge for this month that not many shots were submitted. You may remember that the challenge was for 35mm using a panning method.

I have absolutely no good panning shots so instead I will tell a funny story.

In the first image below are friends of Tina and I who come to visit us when they can. Normally, with other friends we exchange stories like how we went hiking around here, swimming down in Croatia or maybe shopping in Ljubljana.

With Goran (not his real name, for taxation reasons) we first exchange greetings in Burmese. That is, Mingalaba! After some chit-chat I would ask “So, how was your weekend?”. Goran would casually say something like “Oh, I delivered an Airbus A380 to some Malaysian Airline”. And when he says “Natalie (also not her real name) and the kids flew with me from Seoul to Siem Reap (Cambodia)”, he means that he – the pilot, actually did the flying.

Anyways, I tried to “pan” the kids on the horses but I don’t think they are the standard that Aleš was after.

October is my turn again and to make things easy for everyone I have chosen 24mm landscapes.







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It’s “hip” to be square

In the 1960’s, if you said that someone was “square” it meant that they were very un-cool. And in those days something that was cool was said to be “hip”.

But in the 80’s the band Huey Lewis & the News came out with the song that said that it was now “Hip to be square”.

Whatever your view is on the square there is no doubt that as a photographic format it is a difficult composition for many a photographer.

This month’s challenge was the square format but with the 105mm lens.

Aleš and I are delighted that two guests submitted photos for this month’s challenge and we would like to thank them.





By Petr Nucnuc1


By Majid Alamgirmajid

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Day trips from Bohinj and back

One of the best things about living in Bohinj (or just about anywhere in Slovenia) is that everything is close enough to do as day trips. Whether it’s skiing in Austria or shopping in Italy you can have a great day out and be back in time for dinner.

Although Bohinj has an endless amount of hiking trails some are a bit too long when you have young kids who can manage only an hour or two.

A great day trip to the north west of Slovenia is the Vrsič pass. From here there are kids-friendly trails with spectacular views.


Head over and down the pass, and you are into the Trenta valley where the Soča river and its source are nearby.



After lunch you can discover more of the delights of the Soča river before heading back up to the Vrsič pass and be back in Bohinj for a swim in the Lake. Or just relax by that tree which has been immortalized by Tomo Jeseničnik.




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Where else but Bohinj?

We all know that Bohinj is the best place in the universe for landscapes but I had never thought of it as being a great place for something that I call PortLands. This is a cross between portraits and landscapes.

A few days ago Petr, a friend and professional photographer, and his girlfriend Denisa from Czech came and stayed with us. Petr specializes in portraits and architecture, and he suggested that maybe we could shoot Denisa (a model) with Lake Bohinj as a backdrop.

Petr and Denisa have continued on with their travels so we can’t see Petr’s work right now (I will post a link later) but here are a few that I managed to get.

So, apart from classic landscapes you now have another reason to come to Bohinj – PortLands!





IMG_9793Photo by Petr Nuc



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Just a little “cheating”

The thing that I get asked a lot about my photography is whether or not I “cheat” using Photoshop.

Normally, I get pretty annoyed because I want to say “Look, Photoshop is just a tool, bla bla bla.”.

But sometimes Photoshop is necessary if you want to create an image the way you want but just can’t do it with one image.

With the Before and After image below you can see that the image works better when both the two guys in the background are looking at the tightrope walker. When only one of the guys is looking, the image doesn’t quite work.

So, it’s not really cheating. OK, maybe just a little bit.





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Think Different

Shortly after Steve Jobs went back to Apple inc (after being fired in 1985), in 1997 the company was only 3 weeks away from becoming bankrupt. He turned it around, and today, well…

One of the first major things Jobs did was to come up with a new slogan – Think Different. Of course, grammatically it should be Think Differently. But that’s Jobs for you.

Now, neither Aleš nor I are going to turn TLiB into anything like Apple but as photographers we need to constantly come up with new things to make our work interesting and relevant.

Aleš decided that he and I should have a monthly challenge so that we are as often as possible shooting outside our zone of comfort. So, the first challenge was for one of the least used lenses to a landscape photographer – 85mm.

Typically, the 85mm is for head and shoulder and/or 3/4 length portraits. Of course it can be used in many other ways.

So here goes:













The challenge for August is with the 105mm lens but it must be a square format.

You are all invited to join in the fun. To make it easier for you just send us an image that is square. We will included it in next month’s challenge blog.

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Sunny day, sunny day, daddy.

This is my favorite saying that daughter made up. She also made up “Rainy day, rainy day, Matevž”.

When I’m out with my camera on a sunny day, I often hear the comment “Oh, it’s good to be shooting today, isn’t it?”.

In fact, when there is too much sun I don’t actually shoot. I just go to check out compositions.

For classic landscapes what you really want is good elements in the frame and of course great light. Not just a lot of blue skies.  Checking out compositions at different times of the day gives me an idea of what I want to put in and out in the frame. In Bohinj, great light can come at anytime, even after the rain.

Being in the right place at the right time will get you a good shot (or two), but knowing where and when the right place is going to be is the “secret” of getting a lot more better photos.

Apsara also has another saying – “Snowy day, snowy day, mummy”. But that’s for another blog post.

_D8C8364-3 _D8C8633-2 _D8C8650-2

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Go big or Go Home

When I started out in photography I was always impressed with photographers with big cameras and even bigger lenses.

Today, I am no longer impressed, but I do have more big “professional” equipment than I can carry.

With the maturity of  mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras (ILC) systems it is easy to see why they are becoming more and more popular.

The size and weight differences are clearly obvious. And the image quality from cameras such as the NIkon 1 system are now so good that unless I really need the extra details from the larger sensor sized cameras, mirrorless ILCs are what I take with me.

For travels with the family, mirrorless ILCs are perfect for both stills as well as video.

“Go Big or Go Home” maybe great for pumping iron in the gym but if you want to have some fun with your photography, then it’s gotta be “Go small and be happy”. Your back and neck will certainly thank you for it.

_D8C8346Left: Nikon V1, 10mm, 18.5mm, 6.7-13mm, 11-27mm, 30-110mm, 4T closeup attachment, remote release
Right: 24-70mm

_C000852_1 Enjoy your holidays. And don’t forget your passport!


Nikon V1 with 18.5mmDSC_4464Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

More photos from Cambodia here

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Messi, Photshop and Home

What do these things have in common?

The theme of Nikon’s 2014 photographer of the year is Home and I am working on my entry.

The thing about photography is that some people insist that it should be real. To me it is anything but real. A photo for me is a creation of my mind, just as a painting is a creation of a painter’s mind.

Here are two images (of 5) for my entry. The first is NOT photoshopped at all but it was completely staged. I had recorded the goal by Messi and put it on pause. I then got everyone to dress and be in a position of what we do at “home” on a typical evening. I then acted is if I am watching the game live and pressed the camera’s remote release as if the goal was scored.

Messi's goal

In the second photo however, it is Phoshopped. Dozens of images were taken, of which I used three to make a composite image.


Whether a photo is staged or Photoshopped, Nikon is not going to care and neither should the viewer. Unless of course you are presenting a photo as evidence in a court case.

When presented as a form of Art, the only thing that should ever matter in a photograph is whether or not you like it.



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